Joshua Moonshine- NJ Boardwalk Artist

September 20, 2013

Joshua Moonshine LogoSo the wife and the in-laws went to the New Jersey shore last week and found that there are still some interesting sights after labor day on the Wildwood NJ boardwalk. One of the most interesting and entertaining parts of the Wildwood boardwalk was taking some time and watching Joshua Moonshine do his thing.

Joshua Moonshine and ArtArtwork on BoardwalkJoshua Moonshine and crewMoonshine artIf you do not know who Joshua Moonshine is well you are missing out. he is an amazing artist that uses spray paint to make framed art right in front of you. The amazing thing the speed at which he creates his art and the various “tools” that he uses to get the desired affects in the paintings. You can request art from him or simply watch and buy. I personally like stopping by his pavilion on the boardwalk because he always has the greatest techno/ house/ and bass music playing while he is painting. The music, the speed atwhich he paints, the outfits that he wears and even the fumes from the spray paint make stopping by Joshua Moonshine a must on the Wildwood beach boardwalk.

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Venice Beach Boardwalk

August 30, 2013
Venice Beach Boardwalk

The crowds at Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Next time you are in California and you are looking for a boardwalk that will open your eyes, then the Venice Beach Boardwalk is it. This boardwalk has been in several movies such as “White men Can’t Jump” and allows tourists to see a slice of society that will put a smile on your face.

There are several videos that you can watch which will help you get a better idea of what to expect:

As you can see from the videos that this boardwalk is great for people watching. There are also some great shopping opportunities. There are also great food options on the Venice beach boardwalk including the Venice Alehouse and Hinano Cafe where you get get a cold beer on the beach. Here is a map of the Venice Beach Boardwalk:

Map of Venice Beach Boardwalk.

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Pics From the Boardwalk: Atlantic City & Hollywood Beach

August 28, 2013

Found this great collection of photos of the sights at the Atlantic City Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ and Hollywood Beach in CA.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

In the 1800s, saltwater taffy became the “first Atlantic City souvenir,” and James Candy still uses the original recipe that made it such a hit back then. It is a great place to get some taffy!

Link to Gallery

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